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From Welding to BBQ

Hi, my name is Garret, I’m a welder by trade and pitmaster by heart. Based in Canada, I’m always looking for new ways to twist classic BBQ recipes, regardless of the weather. Check me out on Instagram and Youtube for videos and tutorials and Ill offer help whenever I can. You can support this endeavor by supporting our sponsors and by purchasing merch at our store. Thank you and get grillin!

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What i do

Unique BBQ Recipes Made At Home

As I embark on this smokin’ endeavour, I look forward to sharing my recipes, tricks, cooking hacks & suggestions, and my favourite finds with you.  My ultimate goal is to bring smoked deliciousness into as many homes as possible, so check back frequently and follow me on instagram and tiktok

Please feel free to reach out for suggestions, recipe requests, questions, or to share your creations by using the contact link below!

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I’m able to produce BBQ because I use the right products. BBQ the Canadian way with Hemmy Tried And True Products

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