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Unforgettable BBQ, made in Canada

When I choose what products I use, I look for products made in Canada to a high quality standard.

What is your favorite BBQ?
What is your favorite charcoal smoker
What Seasonings Do You Use?
Which BBQ Thermometer Do You Use?
What is your favorite thing to cook?
The BEst PEllet Grill for Canada
What I use

First we’ll talk about what I’m smoking on. I was in the market for a new smoker and bbq. I didn’t have much space at the time so I was thinking, “there’s gotta be a hybrid pellet/gas grill somewhere”. Turns out there is.. They build and distribute their grills right in Manitoba, Canada. Built out of 304 stainless, this thing weighs in over 200 pounds.. it’s a serious unit! I’ve got the luxury of having an efficient pellet burning smoker as well as two natural gas burners. Love this unit!

The seasonings and sauces made in canada

Motley Que

What I use


These world champion winning sauces and rubs are made in Canada and packs incredible flavor

The Best BBQ Thermometer
What I use

The most reliable wireless thermometer 

The BEst Charcoal Drum Smoker
What I use

Hot and fast charcoal smoking made in Alberta. The brain child of Matt and Alex

The Best Chef Gear in Canada
What I use


The offical provider of Hemmy merch and the knives we use. Eighty Sixed Chef Apparel is made by chefs, for chefs.

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